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Experts for digital products.

With a focus on people.

We know technology. And we know products. We like clear words, clean code and collaborative partnerships. We take your ideas to the next level and also ask the awkward questions.

We keep an eye on the big picture and overarching processes at all times. In this way, we combine the service of a personal consulting agency with the technical expertise of a powerful IT service provider.

We are aus der Technik, the software studio from Offenbach am Main. We have been helping companies from a wide range of industries to implement successful software projects since 2015. We know the processes of large corporations and the success factors of small start-ups.

We know where the challenges lie in day-to-day project work and make sure that you stay on track with your project. We love to provide support and we know exactly how to steer.

We are the co-pilots you've always wanted.

It is important to me that we feel at home in both large companies and small start-ups. Today, both extremes can and must benefit from each other's knowledge. Our technical expertise is the basis for successfully advancing digital product development with foresight and open communication.

Kris Simon, owner

Our core team - People aus der Technik

We deliberately don't bore you here with name-dropping and technology details. If you want to know how and what we work with, then take a look at our Technology page.


A portrait of Kris

Kris is our visionary. He is driven by his interest in generating technical knowledge. He is enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge and developing strategies together.

Kris brings the expertise of his own successful start-ups as well as the experience of failed start-ups. Many years of work in telecommunications companies, publishing houses and large consulting agencies give Kris a balanced knowledge of processes, control mechanisms and the establishment of successful development departments.

Developing specific solutions together with customers is Kris' passion. Based on his in-depth experience, he and Eva have built ./adt into a feel-good place for creating digital products.


A portrait of Eva

Eva ensures something that all IT people are happy about: smooth operations. She advises people, organizes projects, the team and sometimes acts as a translator between nerd and normal to ensure that everyone has the same understanding

Equipped with a solid commercial foundation and a long-standing passion for IT, she puts people at the heart of everything we do and brings people and technology together. As a design-savvy person, she also puts the finishing touches to the front-end projects. It is thanks to her hard work and thoroughness that she has earned the affectionate nickname "iron broom".


A portrait of Tim

The best software is created in teams where people enjoy working together, learning together and having fun together. As a developer, tech lead, trainer and consultant, Tim has been helping to make teams successful across industries for 20 years - whether in a small town in Wales or on a global training program for a management consultancy in India.

Tim loves the technological mix of tried-and-tested and modern tools, fast feedback cycles and close collaboration with our customers. A good dose of curiosity drives his constant learning - always with the aim of finding the right solution for all scenarios.

When he's not on the basketball court in his free time, he can be found skipping through the forest or sleeping in a warm sleeping bag on the balcony in winter.

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