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We are aus der Technik, your software studio in Offenbach am Main.

Whether start-up or major bank: we develop, advise and design.

Always with the aim of making your product even better. What you certainly won't get from us is a run-of-the-mill standard. We believe in individual solutions that fit your case perfectly. And because we're not fans of the unnecessarily complicated, we like to speak plainly when it matters.

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Our strengths in detail

Product Accelerator

We take your digital product to the next level.

All beginnings are... simple: With countless references from international companies and consultancies under our belt, we understand what makes a good product.

Architectural consulting

It's far too clean for us in the ivory tower.

In architecture and software consulting, we feel particularly comfortable when we actively support and help shape teams. As mentors and process facilitators, we take a holistic look at team compositions, development processes and software architectures.


Sleeves rolled up, now it's time to get to work.

aus der Technik stands for wonderful software development at its core, we feel cozy in code and configurations.

First aid for projects

The project fire department is here.

We don't come around the corner quite so dramatically, but sometimes it's just a bit more urgent...

Own products

Our dog food tastes the best.

We don't just preach for others; all our technologies and processes are constantly put to the test in our own product development.

And now?

Let's talk to each other.

Regardless of whether you have specific questions

or simply want to exchange ideas